Mandelbrot Set Explorer

This is my app for browsing the Mandelbrot Set fractal as if it were Google Maps.

It works the same as regular Google Maps, but instead of downloading images of maps, your computer calculates the images using the normal Mandelbrot Set algorithm.

I've written a couple of rendering engines for it so you have to pick one.

On your GPU

Render the fractal on your graphics card. This is insanely fast for even quite high numbers of iterations, but doesn't support double-precision numbers so you can't zoom as far in.

On your CPU

Render the fractal on your main CPU. This is much slower than rendering on a GPU, but supports double-precision numbers and so you can zoom in ridiculously far.

Unfortunately, something seems to be broken in Firefox at the moment — until I figure out what it is you can try using Chrome or else navigating with the keyboard (arrow keys to move; plus and minus to zoom).

There's also this legacy version which runs on the CPU but isn't as good and is only here for historical interest.