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    Tory Leadership RACER!



    Steer Left control stick A/D keys Touch controls
    Accelerate A button SHIFT key Touch control
    Brake B button S key Touch control
    Fire X button SPACE bar Tap inventory
    Select kart A button SPACE bar Touch control
    Move camera Right control stick


    Pick these up from the ? blocks to wage a dirty-tricks campaign against your opponents!

    Milkshake! Duck!

    Throw a milkshake forwards from your kart, because I had the sprite anyway.

    Mad Cap’n Dom’s Buccaneering Cannonade

    Fire a cannonball out of each side of your kart. Good in a crowd, dangerous on a corner.

    The Westminster Bubble

    Ten seconds of invincibility from all items, Change UK and the ghost of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    Bojo the Clown’s Tory Blue Shell

    Seeks out and attacks the player in last place.




    Hopefully you can figure this out by playing but in case it's not clear:

    Race ahead of your opponents to gain support. Every lap represents one round of voting, after which the candidate with the least support is eliminated. Strictly this happens when all but one candidates complete a lap.

    To gain support, try to stick to what passes for “sensible” centrism! If you're (literally) too far to the left, the perceptionometer at the top will drift left; if you're too far to the right, it will drift right. If it gets too far right, the ghost of Jacob Rees-Mogg will glom onto your kart and slow you down — move left to shake him off. If it gets too far to the left, you will automatically resign from the Tory party and join Change UK, making you ineligible to stand as leader.

    Some people have told me that Jacob Rees-Mogg is “still alive” but I’ve seen him and I’m not buying it.


    Game by Andrew. Source on Github.

    Parliament model by Damo, available from 3D Warehouse

    Music: "Wagon Wheel - Electronic" by Kevin MacLeod; licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. If you don't hear music, check your browser permissions — many don’t allow webpages to play sound automatically (which is fair enough, TBH).

    Road textures from SFTextures.com

    3D engine is of course three.js

    The background panorama (which for practical reasons is not strictly Westminster) is by David Liff and taken from Wikipedia under Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

    Lastly, the logo font is Super Mario 256 by fsuarez913

    Select a racer! Jeff Placeholder, MP