Tell us about your window.

How many pixels can you fit on there? They are 4cm squares.

Choose a photo

Drag a photo from your computer onto this panel:

drop here

Or, use this form to select one:

Crop your photo

Select an area of your photo to encode.

Tell us about your pens.

What colour do they look in digital photographs? If you are using Megapixel-approved Edding pens, just select that. The "Ideal" pen setting will assume your pens are "pure" red, green and blue and skip calibration.


Your data is ready.

Real image

This has been scaled up to match the preview image.

Preview image

This is made up of small pixels in the colour of your pens, to give an idea what the final Mini-Megapixel will look like. Adjust the brightness slider until this looks good.

Pixel values

This table should copy-paste into spreadsheet software such as Excel. Each square denotes the number of cells you should colour in each colour. (Other cells should be coloured black.)

Quality histogram

Depending on your pens and image, the colour correction step can reccomend colouring more squares than there are, or fewer than zero. Those cases are represented by the red bars in this histogram. If the red bars are high (and the preview image looks bad) then you should adjust the brightness slider down.