This is a two-player game.

In this game, you are Paul and Katie. You must match the icons from your Wedsite as they advance towards you along a 2p machine.

You score one point for a line of three matching symbols, unless that symbol is K as you do not reward racism. If the symbols are the same colour, the line is worth three points. Longer lines are worth more.

Both players have a cursor. Katie moves her cursor using the W, A, S and D keys, or the left hand stick of gamepad 1. Paul's controls are the arrow keys, the right hand stick of gamepad 1, or the left hand stick of gamepad 2. The blocks under your cursors will swap when the bar at the bottom fills. You cannot move your cursor onto blocks on the pusher, or empty spaces.

When twenty blocks have fallen off the bottom of the screen, the game ends.

To start, press space. To quit, press escape. To start again, press space again. To view this message, refresh the page.

Nerdy scoring notes:

Strictly, you score three point per line of three, and a further two if they are the same colour. Three blue Ks are worth two points, since the colour matching is not considered racist (even though now I explain it, it kind of is). A line of four is really just two overlapping lines of three, and so scores two points. If all but one end of that line is blue, one of those lines is all the same colour, so the move scores a total of four points.